Our Goal

Working Tirelessly To Protect And Defend Your Rights


We offer support and trusted legal advice you can rely on. No matter how delicate the situation may be, we will handle it with dignity and confidentiality.


We assist our clients in every aspect of their criminal matter and ensure that the possibility of hair-raising experiences are decreased to a minimum.


Conveyancing and the transfer of property is an intricate part of the law for which one needs the services of a specialised and experienced conveyancer.

How we operate for you

Our specialist legal services cover the spectrum of corporate  and commercial law, banking and finance law and criminal law. We are recognised for our professionalism and ability to assist clients in the region.

Get in touch by mail or phone

Our consultants and Associates are well trained to offer consulting over the phone or via email. Give us your details and we will gladly setup an appointment.

Personal consultation

We draw on a solid knowledge of the local business environment and an in-depth understanding of the country’s complex socio-political climate to offer technical legal services and sound business advice.

Starting your case

 We rely on our proven skills to satisfy the demand for efficient and outstanding legal services. We believe the law should serve every individual, and we strive to make it more accessible.

Law meets Strategy

Our associates strive to find strategic angles in every matter, to give their clients the highest quality legal services, and best outcome. We strive to give our clients an edge, rather than employing the same outdated strategies that are predictable, and have been used for decades.

We find Solutions

We’ve all been in impossible situations – tricky legal matters, negotiation headlocks. Enter MG Law. From labour disputes to contract negotiations and complex legal matters, we’ve got a unique approach your old lawyer did not propose.

Law firm with an edge

Surprise your opponent with techniques they aren’t prepared for. Partner with the attorneys who use performance strategy tactics.

Areas of expertise

We can assist with all your Correspondent needs. If your matter deserves uncompromising attention to detail and efficient up to date reports, then make us your firm of choice. If you are interested, please see the list of dedicated services we offer

Estate Planning

Wills and Testaments allow you to ensure that your estate goes to who matters most. It is also not only for older persons, it is higly recommended that you protect your wealth or at least afford yourself the opportunity to create the correct mechanisms to protect your future wealth and do tax efficiently. In the case of accidental cover, your estate won’t go to the state.


We care about family life and give a range of services to protect, maintain and ensure a healthy family life. We assist in harassment, family violence and protection orders.During maintenance of a child in a divorce, we can assist both the maintainer and the person paying maintenance in negotiating these terms.We handle divorces and separation and also help in custody cases. We also provide marital and prenuptial agreements.

Criminal Matters

we specialise in commercial crimes and litigation. We, however, have vast experience with the criminal system. We aid with bail applications and ensure that the correct process is followed accordingly. We always aim to resolve bail matters as soon as possible. We also offer our expert services in the defence of criminal allegations.

Conyeyancing Law

Conveyancing is a division of law that oversees the transfer of ownership rights for a specific property. We help facilitate this transfer and help you procure all documentation and contracts you could need for a successful transfer.

Commercial Law

Commercial law encompasses a wide range of issues from transactional law, dispute resolutions, criminal, finance and banking to different intellectual and property rights. At MTCINC Attorneys we cover it all to ensure our clients are getting maximum protection.

Medical Negligence

Victims of medical negligence will be represented through litigation and settlement negotiations to obtain compensation from the offending parties. Medical negligence refers to the omission of proper care or an act that is in violation of acceptable standards of treatment in the medical profession.